The Great British Bake Off Just Announced Good News For Fans

So many of our favorite shows have been delayed due to COVID-19, but luckily The Great British Bake Off is now filming again. This is great news, considering we've pretty much watched all of Netflix at this point. The hit show follows 12 talented contestants as they dazzle us with their incredible pastry skills. According to Deadline, the series is two weeks into production and plans to make a return to our screens later this year. To ensure everyone's safety, the crew, new members on the show, and the judges were all quarantined before filming.

Sky Studios CEO Gary Davey and chief commercial officer Jane Millichip said that "You will have our Victoria sponge this year," and that filming is "going very well." It's also been reported that they are shooting the show in a new safer venue, away from their traditional Welford Park location. When asked where the new COVID-friendly place was, they were more tight-lipped. "It's all happening in deep secret, somewhere in darkest deepest Britain in the shires," Millichip said. And apparently that's not the only thing that will be different this season.

The Great British Bake Off will also feature a new host

In an exciting turn, comedian Matt Lucas will be taking over the show as a new host. He spoke to The Sun about how his co-host Noel Fielding's dreams helped him land the gig in an unusual way. "[Noel] suddenly dreamed that I stood there alongside him in the Bake Off tent and we were making each other laugh," Lucas said. "So when he woke up he got in touch with the producers and said he wanted me on board." Lucas added that he couldn't wait to get started.

To make sure the production isn't halted again, Davey also explained they came up with a 55-page manual of safety protocols. "As you can imagine, there was a lot of work collaboratively between Love Productions and our COVID protocols team just to get that right," he said. "It's prudent to do that because having to shut down a big production again mid-shoot would be really quite catastrophic." Let's hope that doesn't happen!