Even Gordon Ramsay's Daughter Isn't Safe From His Cooking Critiques

World famous chef, television personality, restaurateur, and devoted father of five Gordon Ramsay is known for his brutally honest critiques. In the past, some have called out the star for being too harsh, while others have come to his defense stating that it is clearly a character played for television and not a reflection on the way he actually carries himself in his professional or personal life (via The Takeout). Regardless of where you fall on this debate, you have to admit that the tough-love shtick clearly works at drawing viewers. According to his website, Ramsay has starred in plenty of television shows and specials throughout his career, with many of the programs running for multiple seasons.

Today reports that in late July, Ramsay began releasing short videos on the social media platform TikTok giving reviews of various recipe tutorials uploaded by other people to the site and using the hashtag #ramsayreacts. Referred to as "duets," these clips feature a split screen where you can see Ramsay reacting to and commenting on the cooking videos in real time.

Holly Ramsay asked her famous dad to critique her cooking

In one of the duets Gordon Ramsay created, the chef can be seen critiquing his very own daughter! 20-year-old Holly uploaded a cooking tutorial video to her TikTok profile, tagging her father in the caption and requesting that he rate her plate. She added that not only did she use Gordon Ramsay's very own potato gnocchi recipe, she also made a few small changes along the way.

In the playful duet, Gordon wonders out loud how his very own daughter improperly cooked potatoes. He ends the video declaring, "Young lady, you should know better! Shame on you Holly!" As a reprimand many of us have received growing up, sometimes disappointment coming from your parents hurts more than anger. Both of their videos have now gone viral, with Holly's original cooking tutorial getting over 84,000 views and 700 comments. These are very respectable numbers by anyone's standards, but it can be hard to compete with dad's infamously harsh, attention-grabbing reviews — Gordon's duet TikTok has received over 500,000 views and 47,000 comments!