Turkey Dinner-Flavored Candy Corn Has The Internet Stunned

Every now and then, a food idea comes along. One that is so audacious, so out-of-the-box, we can only think about it as the icing to top off the most unsettling year in our collective memories. We're talking about what some of us think may be on its way to becoming the least favorite candy of all time, Brach's Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, which may end up winning a race to the bottom against its sibling, candy corn, as least favorite Halloween candy of all time (via People).

People says this trailblazing holiday treat covers all the Thanksgiving bases: green beans, roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, ginger glazed carrot, sweet potato pie, and stuffing. Candy manufacturer Brachs has mercifully spared us the horror of smashing all flavors into one piece of candy corn — instead, they've spread them out across different colored pieces of candy in a single Turkey Dinner candy bag, which we have to say is pretty considerate, because, you know, some of us may not want to have our turkey candy corn and our sweet potato pie candy corn at the same time.

Turkey Dinner Candy Corn has six different flavors in one bag

This year's medal for confectionery bravery goes to Instagram user @puppreviews who came out and admitted they bought a bag to try. The verdict? "Green Beans (all green): Sweet with that field-fresh after taste. Honestly, kind of enjoyable. Turkey (Yellow bottom, brown tip): We'd say odd, but that would be forgiving. This flavor is downright wrong to be in candy, but still enjoyed the taboo experience. Cranberry sauce (all red): Also delicious! Kind of sour-sweet. Carrot (all orange): Sweet and delicious with a little bit of spice! Sweet potato pie (white bottom, orange tip): Amazing! Great cinnamon flavor on the after taste. Stuffing (brown bottom, white tip): Another forbidden fruit like the turkey one."

The candy is already available, but the Internet seems more willing to sit back and wait for someone else to give it a try. One Redditor posted, "I love candy corn, and I love turkey dinner, but what the hell is this?" under a section labeled "StupidFood." The Twitterverse weighed in too, with one user tweeting: "God is dead and we have turned him into Turkey Dinner candy corn." Another user wrote: "We don't have a vaccine but we have turkey dinner candy corn."

So kids, if you decide to go trick or treating this year, check your bags closely. Because your treat could well turn out to be a trick.