If You Aren't Grilling Your Eggs, You're Doing It Wrong

We've found it — we've found the way to finally put an end to the great egg debate. Say goodbye to the heated arguments in the kitchen over the best way to scramble. Milk or no milk? It doesn't matter anymore. Is fried better than hard-boiled? (Most definitely.) But that, too, is insignificant. To all of you egg opinionators in the world, we've found the trump card. If you're not grilling your eggs, you're doing it wrong. All of you. 

What's so good about an egg on the grill? Only the fact that they're the perfect mix of flavor and texture: soft-yolked, smoky (yes — smoky), and melt in your mouth delicious (via Bon Appetit). Then there's the fact that an egg cooked on the grill is relatively hassle-free. 

Why you need grilled eggs in your life

Bid adieu to the late-night bouts of insomnia provoked by whether or not you added too much butter (maybe you should have gone with olive oil?), or if your eggs might have tasted better had you cracked them the right way. No cracking needed. All you'll need for sublimely grilled eggs is a hot grill, a pair of tongs, and a few minutes. You don't even need a pot of water.

The simplest way to grill an egg is to simply stick them on the grill and wait. Especially if you're already got it fired up for your meal, there's no good reason not to. As Emily Farris wrote for Bon Appetit, after six to 14 minutes (depending on how soft you want your yolk) your eggs will be ready to crack.

How to grill the best eggs ever

You'll know when your egg is done when the shell starts to brown. Just be careful not to place your eggs to close to the fire — and don't forget about them — or the shell will crack, producing a rubbery yolk. Remove your eggs from the grill, gently, with tongs. Then, just as you do when hard-boiling an egg, stick your eggs in an ice bath so that they don't keep cooking after you remove them from the grill. That's it!

When you're ready to step your grill game up a notch, there are more ways to grill-cook an egg. Get Cracking suggests grill-frying your eggs by cracking them into aluminum foil boats coated in a bit of oil and placing them on a hot grill. Close the grill's lid for two to three minutes, and voila! You've grill-fried your first eggs.