What Kind Of Wine Does Kamala Harris Drink?

The political world was shaken this week when presidential candidate Joe Biden chose his running mate for the 2020 presidential election. Senator Kamala Harris — a prosecutor who represents California in the U.S. Senate — has already made history as the first Black woman to be appointed as a running mate for a major party, according to Politico.

In a number of ways, Harris stands out from the other major participants in the race — Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Joe Biden. She's the only candidate who worked as an attorney general — she was the first woman to be elected to the position in California. She's the only candidate to have served as a district attorney — her stint as San Francisco's DA lasted eight years, and continues to draw criticism today (via The New York Times). And, apparently, she's the only candidate who drinks.

You read that right. Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Joe Biden avoid alcohol altogether. When Trump isn't tweeting about his political rivals, he's opting for a sip of Diet Coke. Unlike her fellow candidates, Kamala Harris drinks wine — and according to The San Francisco Chronicle, she's got some good taste.

Kamala Harris stays local with her wine choices

Kamala Harris is a fan of Rock Wall Wine Company, a local winery in Alameda, California — just south of Oakland. Shauna Rosenblum, who owns and operates Rock Wall, has had some jolting celebrity sightings of the senator. According to the Chronicle, Rosenblum spotted Harris picking up wine during the COVID-19 pandemic: "I closed the door and the car drove off and I said, 'That woman sure looked a lot like Kamala Harris,'" she said. An employee at Rock Wall told the Chronicle that Harris uses an alias as a member of the company's wine club.

So that does that say about the VP hopeful? It's up for interpretation — maybe it says nothing at all, other than the fact that Harris wants a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Rock Wall Wine Company was established in a former naval base, and the winery uses grapes from around the state, working with vineyards in grape havens like Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, according to its website. The company crafts sparkling rosés, dark zinfandels, and chardonnays named for local California vineyards. If anything, it's a reminder to peruse some local wineries: Even if Harris makes it into the White House, it's clear she hasn't forgotten her California roots.