Costco's Individual Apple Crumbles Come With An Added Bonus

Apple crumble ticks all the boxes for a perfectly balanced dessert: sweet and tart, chewy, and crunchy. What's not to love? Costco's individual servings of apple crumble from Pots & Co. can really satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking out the baking equipment. However, they still taste like they have been lovingly prepared following Grandma's recipe, according to San Antonio Express-News. Costco's apple crumbles are made with fresh tangy Granny Smith apples, zippy lemon juice, real butter, and classic brown sugar with a cinnamon-scented oat topping – without any preservatives.

Unlike home-baked apple crumbles, these cuties from Costo are ready to eat in 15 minutes or less. Just pop them in your oven or microwave and you'll have hot apple pie scent tantalizing your taste buds in no time. Which brings us to perhaps the best part of Costco's individual crumbles: they come packaged in miniature ceramic pots that are ready to heat and reuse.

Costco's apple crumbles come in reusable pots

Costco's apple crumbles from Pots & Co. are ready for Instagram fame thanks to their adorable and environmentally conscious packaging (via Delish). Each apple crumble is served in a ramekin-sized pot that is handmade in Valencia, Spain, by a family of potters (via Pots & Co.). The pottery process uses less energy than plastic packaging, and a whopping 95% of the waste energy generated through production is reused. Plus, unwanted ceramic can be recycled by ceramic recycling centers.

Based in London, Pots & Co. has built its brand on offering delicious desserts in their signature colorful ceramic pots. Their handmade desserts are steam-baked in the pots so that they'll be both delicious and beautiful on your table. The ceramic pots, according to the company, also help provide a creamy texture to desserts and naturally double the shelf-life of your apple crumble in the fridge.

The dishwasher-friendly pots can be re-used for baking or as an accent for your charcuterie board. Their petite size serves well for olives and nuts. But these pots don't need to be confined to the kitchen. Pots & Co. cleverly recommends using them as catch-all dishes for jewelry, or as little planters. Apparently, they're prepared to dole out suggestions for a fan following flush with reusable pots. One commenter from Instagram is sold, calling the pots "super cute and are oven safe for making mini soufflés or your own version of cheesecakes so keep the little ceramic dishes."