Aldi Is Dropping Key Lime Sour Beer. Here's What We Know

Aldi has released yet another must-try item to the shelves of its budget-friendly grocery locations. This time it's a new boozy beer to close out this summer season. Those who love a citrusy drink will love this interesting new sour beer.

The new beer is called Key Lime Sour, so it should be a hit with those who love that particularly over-the-top pucker that the key lime flavor brings to most things. Whether you are a fan of key lime pie or just love extra lime on anything, this is the drink for you. 

The beer itself has been getting mixed reviews since it hit shelves because it really does pack a sour punch, so consider yourself warned when you grab a pack to try. It might be different, but at this point in the summer, sipping on something else might be a welcome change. The brewery itself, State of Brewing, which is a subsidiary of Wisconsin's Octopi Brewing, has a 3.42 rating, so it might not just be this particular beer that's in question (via My Recipes).

What you need to know about the Key Lime Sour beer

Many reviewers and commenters on Instagram have compared Aldi's new beer, aesthetically at least, to Dogfish Head thanks to similar can designs, but they've also confirmed that the beer is indeed quite sour. Which is not a huge surprise — if you read the bottom of the can, according to My Recipes, the Key Lime Sour Beer is an ale made with key lime juice. So, it would make sense that this is a very acidic and sour beer that might even push the boundaries of what you would expect from a sour beer.

If this is something you either have to try for yourself or that you might even want to use to make another drink or pair with a shot as a boilermaker, then you should obviously head to Aldi before summer ends. A six-pack of 12-ounce cans costs just $6.99, and each can has a 4.5 percent ABV (via Delish).

Keep in mind this beer is only available in states that allow grocery stores to sell alcohol, so you might have to take a road trip if necessary.