You Should Never Eat Canned Cheeseburger. Here's Why

If you're on a mad quest for canned Snickers and tomato sauce or canned french toast puree, you're in luck. They exist to be consumed (via Guff). You can also find tamales, boiled peanuts, and even bread in a can if you look hard enough (via Self). But the Trekking Burger from the German camping supplies company, The Adventure Company, deserves a special prize for the most bizarre canned food.   

The Adventure Company does not go out of its way to sell the Trekking Burger, which retails at an astounding 5.99 euros (approximately $7). Its product description reads, "Cheeseburger in a can." No one can argue that its listed ingredients don't support the claim. The canned burger comes complete with buns, a meat patty made of beef and bread roll flour, cheese made of milk enzymes, coloring agents, fried onions and onions, pickled cucumbers, ketchup, and mustard. Stick your can in hot water or heat the burger up in a pan. It's up to you. 

Or skip the experience and don't eat it at all. Some might reviewers might advise you to stay away – far, far away.

What's it like to eat a burger in a can?

"For the price of one canned burger, I could get about half a dozen freshly made burgers off of the McDonald's Dollar Menu," you might be thinking. It's a good argument, and we're not going to dispute it. Also, in 2019, the average price of a home-cooked cheeseburger (complete with buns, beef, ketchup, mustard, mayo, onions, tomato, pickles, lettuce, and cheese) hovered between $2.34 and $2.95, depending on the state (via CNBC).

But there's a better reason to stay away from The Adventure Company's canned cheeseburgers than its obnoxiously high price. The Takeout's staff, who taste-tested the phenomenon, found it uncannily bad. "It's the greyest meat ever," said one skeptical taste-test participant when they opened the can. The verdict? It resembled "a really terrible veggie burger" with a meat patty whose texture resembled "modeling clay lightly dipped in meat drippings." The meat itself was overwhelmed by "fairly rank, unsweetened ketchup." And the cheese? It was "clammy and clumpy."

It has to be said that other reviews are not quite so apocalyptic. One British reviewer on The Adventure Company's website gives it an impressive five stars and writes, "Tasty." To each his own. Just don't say we didn't warn you.