The Truth About Gordon Ramsay's Feud With Mythical Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay is everyone's favorite angry chef. A Michelin-starred celebrity, he's known for his trademark insults and horror at anyone being unable to make a worthy risotto. As viewers tune in time after time to seem him create a great food takedown, he added a new level of interaction by reviewing TikTok's and other user-submitted videos on social media. Social media viewers have been having so much fun that many videos were created just as jokes to rile the celebrity into one of his trademark rants (via Foodbeast). As you may expect, Gordon pulls no punches, especially with one such parody video by Mythical Kitchen host and chef Josh Scherer.

Somehow, Scherer got the famous Chef Ramsay to review his signature Ramen Grilled Cheese. If you're like us, you might wonder if chef Ramsay has even eaten Ramen noodles before. As you might expect, he wasn't impressed. With remarks including "plastic cheese?" and "I'd like to ram that somewhere," the celebrity chef created a duet video that vocally shared his displeasure (via TikTok). What you may not have realized is that dozens and dozens of TikTokkers commented back on the video review. The original video has over 144,000 likes as of this writing, the duet followup has over 3 million, and fan upon fan has an opinion. 

So what did Scherer do? He clapped back with some scathing feedback of his own, evaluating Chef Ramsay's own grilled cheese cookery.

Chef Ramsay can dish it, but can he take it?

You may have guessed by now that Mythical Kitchen adds some tongue-in-cheek humor to their content. And as far as Josh's cooking skills, in his own words, "Sometimes I make real s*** just to remind myself that I know how to cook and then I go back to eating bean burritos for three weeks straight" (via Twitter). And when it comes to that sense of humor and Chef Ramsay's initial takedown, turnabout is fair play. In response to Ramsay's own take on an ultimate grilled cheese with kimchi, pepper berry-infused Romano, and Asiago cheeses, Scherer commences his own critique. 

According to Scherer, Ramsay gets it all wrong from ingredients to technique. "And look at the final product — cheese is nowhere close to melted. Dude has all these Michelin stars and TV deals and can't melt some cheese. Maybe if he would have grilled both sides of the bread," Scherer states (via Twitter). Fans of Mythical Kitchen chose to quickly pile on, noting that Ramsay's sandwich, "Looks okay, but could use some ramen, maybe some plastic cheese" (via Twitter). Fortunately, this back-and-forth is all in good fun, and we bet the two are enjoying so much fan engagement.