Why The Internet Can't Stop Talking About Jimmy Fallon's Pancake Fail

Jimmy Fallon can always manage to make us laugh, even when he's off the clock. On Friday, breakfast at the Fallon house turned into hilarious fodder for the internet when Jimmy Instagrammed his attempt at making Frozen-themed pancakes for his daughters (via Today). Let's just say, the result was... interesting. More accurately, it was a total pancake fail.

Fallon captioned the photo of the smiley-faced pancake surrounded by blue and beige amorphous pancake blobs with the question, "Be honest, does this look like Elsa? My apologies to @idinamenzel." Sorry Jimmy, but no. Commenters on the post were sympathetic and one clever user quipped, "No, but there's an uncanny resemblance to Adele Dazeem." Remember that gem of a mispronunciation John Travolta gifted us with at the 2014 Oscars? He was referencing the Let It Go singer, but just couldn't get all the syllables in the right place. 

Jimmy's jumbled pancake-Elsa is actually exactly what we'd imagine Adele Dazeem to look like. Although Fallon's pancakes don't quite resemble Elsa — they barely resemble pancakes, to be honest — he still scores points for trying. Pancake art is a tough scene.

Jimmy Fallon has stiff competition for pancake art

It turns out, late night TV is home to a true pancake artist. Fallon tagged fellow late night host Jimmy Kimmel in his Instagram post, likely because Kimmel has been making edible pancake art for his family for years and it's good — really good. Unlike Jimmy Fallon's unrecognizable Elsa, Kimmel has produced near-spitting images of Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Snoopy from pancake batter. However, according to Kimmel's wife Molly McNearney, all those picturesque pancakes only served to raise their daughter's breakfast expectations to an unrealistic level.

McNearney wrote a comical essay for The Washington Post explaining how her daughter will no longer accept a simple bowl of Cheerios for breakfast. Even when Jimmy is not at home, daughter Jane demands pancake art, which is something McNearney says she has no talent for. So, perhaps it's a good thing Jimmy Fallon is not setting the bar too high at home. All that matters is that there's food on the table, right? 

All joking aside, both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel have lent their star power to support charities centered around food scarcity, particularly during the pandemic. Deadline reports Jimmy Fallon helped bring awareness to Feeding America during an at-home quarantine version of his show, while Jimmy Kimmel highlighted and donated to World Central Kitchen. As for Fallon's pancake art, we secretly hope this is not his last attempt because we could all use a laugh first thing in the morning.