Why People Get So Upset About The Way Donald Trump Eats Steak

The 45th President of the United States of America, reality television star, and real estate mogul Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. Not only for his political views and personal life, but also, oddly enough, what food he eats. One particular culinary quirk, which has caught the ire of journalists and Twitter users alike according to the Town & Country, is his penchant for ordering steaks well done with a side of ketchup.

In 2017, Eater described the two dinners which really brought Trump's steak order to the attention of the public, and why it was seen as such an offensive choice by some. They state that one week after winning a close and tense race for the 2016 Presidential election against Hillary Rodham Clinton, Donald Trump covertly dined at New York City's 21 Club and allegedly ordered a steak, well done. 

A few months later, this preference was confirmed by Benny Johnson, a journalist for the Independent Journal Review, who reported on a dinner at DC restaurant BLT Prime after being tipped off to the reservation. At this assumed-to-be-press-free dinner, the newly-inaugurated President of the United States once again ordered a steak well done, which he proceeded to slather in ketchup. The particularly offensive part of this specific meal to many was the price. The New York Strip in question cost $54, causing some to ask why Trump bothers ordering such expensive steaks if he is going to eat them overcooked and covered in ketchup.

The opinions about Donald Trump, steak, and ketchup

Let's start with the issue of using ketchup on a pricey steak. Serious Eats describes ketchup as an overpowering — and sometimes even cloyingly sweet — condiment. They state that when most people choose to use ketchup on food, what they are really searching for is the familiarity and comfort that eating something that tastes like the ubiquitous condiment provides. Ketchup can easily overwhelm many foods you put it on, changing all meals into an experience that is more familiar. On Trump's liberal use of ketchup, the Huffington Post goes as far as to say they are disappointed by the eating habit, but not all that surprised that he is a fan of the condiment.

The opinions and optics surrounding ordering a steak well done is a strange thing to navigate as well. Town & Country explains that people associate a variety of things with how well-done you like your meat, such as socio-economic status. By ordering his steak well done with ketchup, Trump is signifying a lot about himself and his views to some people.

Still, many criticize the whole steak-ketchup controversy as being a distraction from the issues that really matter — like political policy and foreign relations.