Former Panera Employee Reveals List Of Food To Never Eat

Most of us love Panera's diverse menu of salads, sandwiches, and soups. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the offerings seem fresh and stand out among a sea of other fast food, and often fried, choices. But recently, a former Panera employee took to TikTok to shed light on the menu items people who work there would never eat (via Yahoo! Life). And we are sorry to report there is not just one food category to steer clear of. 

The former employee — the fact that he no longer works there won't surprise you after you hear his major Panera diss — goes by the name Mo on TikTok. Dressed in his work attire, and accompanied by a coworker, he giggles his way through the short video as they reveal their picks for the foods you'd be better off avoiding during your next Panera run. Let's just say sandwiches are off the menu.

What the former Panera employee cautions customers not to order

The mac and cheese is the first item Mo and his coworker say is, well, soggy. This duo isn't the first to suggest the Panera mac and cheese is better left uneaten. Another employee claimed previously the chain's pasta is simply reheated in a bag and far from fresh. The next item on Mo's hit list is majorly disappointing. He claims Panera leaves soups "out for hours."

The steak and white cheddar sandwich is also a no-go, according to the pair. Their beef is specifically with the horseradish sauce. "Not the horseradish, don't do it," Mo cautions customers. "I ate it one time and I was sneezing out fire," Mo's coworker says. If you aren't a steak fan, well, apparently ordering any sandwich is not a good idea, if you ask these two. The teriyaki chicken and the Cuban are especially bad, Mo notes, saying thick meats are often left out for hours, much like the soups. "And they burn the bread," the coworker adds.

In fact, allegedly the bread is bad, too. Because, carbs. We're pretty sure this last one is a joke. Ultimately, there's no way to know if what Mo and his coworker say is true about just their Panera location, all Paneras, or if most of their opinions are simply intended for entertainment and clicks. Here's hoping it's the latter, because, we're kinda craving a Panera soup right now!