Everyone's Talking About The Aldi Breakfast You Can Pop In The Air Fryer

Breakfast just got so much better thanks to the latest product to hit Aldi's freezer section. Everyone's favorite budget grocery store just launched Breakfast Best French Toast Bites, and they sound delicious. Instagram user Aldi Guru first posted the new breakfast item on September 2nd, and a lot of the people in the comments agreed that the bite-sized breakfast is a good buy.

While it's hard not to love French Toast in any form, these bites make breakfast a breeze thanks to the way they can be prepared. While you can cook them using a microwave or oven like you might normally heat a convenience item like this up, Aldi Guru threw them in the air fryer. Apparently, the trendy new appliance worked wonders with the French toast bites and cooked them in just five minutes. Not to mention, they got the thumbs up from the poster for being pretty tasty.

What you need to know about French Toast Bites

While there is not a ton to know about this breakfast item just yet, you can learn a few details from the box alone. The French toast bites come in a cinnamon blast flavor, so they should be the perfect combination of soft and sugary pillowy bites full of the comforting and cozy flavor you love. The box also claims that you can make them in just a minute and 15 seconds, but you should still try them in the air fryer to get the perfect crisp and crunchy crust on the outside for a satisfying bite.

When you buy a box for just $2.49, you'll get a full pound of French toast bites, which should be plenty to last you for several breakfasts or snacks throughout the week (via Aldi). One serving of 15 cinnamon French toast bites will set you back 330 calories, 2.5 grams of saturated fat, 340 milligrams of sodium, and 46 grams of carbs (via Fat Secret). That means you might want to eat some protein like yogurt with this for breakfast to keep you full and satisfied until lunch.

Visit your local Aldi store to pick up a box or two and give them a try.