Aldi Just Released A Copycat Version Of This Popular Protein Bar

Discount grocery chain Aldi is known for having super low prices, which they credit to their no-frills shopping experience and high-quality private label items. Sometimes, these store brand items are totally new, innovative products, and other times they're cheaper, tastier versions of our favorite national brand foods. This most recent all-new Aldi private-label item falls into the latter category, and fans are hoping the dupe performs well when compared to the pricier version of this protein bar.

Instagram fan account and grocery store sleuth @aldi.mademedoit reported on September 3rd, 2020 that they spotted an all-new protein bar on the shelf at their local Aldi store — the Elevation Maxx Bar. In their post, they say that these bars are supposed to taste just like the popular, but slightly expensive, protein bar brand RXBar. (Gear Hungry likes RXBar so much, they ranked the brand's Chocolate Sea Salt flavor the second best protein bar on the market!)

Aldi's Elevation Maxx Bars are not exactly cheap

In their Instagram post, they share that they snagged a few boxes of the Aldi brand RXBar dupes, the Elevation Maxx Bar, because the price was so low compared to the national brand. At their local Aldi, the Elevation Maxx Bars (which contain four protein bars per box) cost $4.99, which is definitely a deal when compared to $6.49 for four RXBars. In the photograph shared in the post, the Elevation Maxx Bars appear to come in three flavors: Chocolate Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Blueberry.

They asked their fellow Aldi aficionados if any of them had yet tried the Elevation Maxx Bars and what they thought of them. Only a few people had scored a box of the protein bars, but so far the reviews were overall positive. Instagram user @clutz_13 says that they tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor, which they enjoyed but found to be kind of sticky. Further down in the comments, @aldi.mademedoit confirmed that the bars are a bit sticky, but taste just like the RXBar version. 

While over $1 per bar isn't exactly cheap, the new Elevation Maxx Bars are a much better deal than the RXBars available elsewhere and definitely worth checking out if you're already heading to Aldi and in need of a healthy snack.