The Useful Tweak Aldi Just Made To Its Cheese Packaging

There's so much to love about Aldi thanks to some of its creative and delicious products and the incredibly low prices you pay for them. However, some of the details can definitely leave you wanting more from the items on the shelves. One of those details for those of you who have been paying very close attention is in the packaging. More specifically, the way its Happy Farms Deli Sliced Cheese had been packaged really didn't work for many people (via Reddit). 

The offending packaging was a hard plastic tray with a piece of plastic that could be peeled off. The plastic cover was supposed to be resealable by resticking it to the plastic tray on the bottom when you were done. But, that peel and stick plastic rarely worked the way it was intended (via Aldi Reviewer). It often wouldn't stick well and usually left the cheese either completely dried out or molded in no time. That's ultimately a waste, and no one wants that — even if the cheese was cheap to buy. Fortunately, Aldi appears to have seen the light (between the tray and the sticking plastic, that is) and produced new packaging for the cheese slices.

The new packaging isn't peel-and-stick

According to Reddit users, your favorite budget grocery store is rolling out new packaging for cheese slices, and it looks more like the packaging you'd find at competing grocery stores. Instead of the flimsy adhesive-based plastic tray with a sheet of softer plastic over the top, the new packaging is a plastic bag with a resealable zipper similar to those you'd find on a Ziploc bag. That means the bag should properly seal and preserve your cheese much better in the fridge. No more waste either.

While the change has not appeared on Aldi's website as of this writing, one Reddit user posted a photo of the newly packaged cheese slices on September 3rd. It isn't clear which stores are selling these yet, but hopefully, the change will happen everywhere soon. So, keep your fingers crossed and carefully watch at your local store for the newly changed product. It should definitely be for the better.