Costco Just Gave Fall Dessert Lovers A Reason To Celebrate

For many Americans, Labor Day weekend feels like the beginning of fall. (Although technically the first day of the season is September 23rd this year.) To celebrate this transition from the long, hot days of summer to crisp sweater weather, members-only wholesale store Costco is selling a seasonal cheesecake at select locations, featuring one of our favorite fall flavors.

Instagram Costco fan account @costco_empties recently spotted an apple crumb flavored cheesecake at their local Costco made by famous New York City bakery and diner Junior's. In the post, @costco_empties stats that they snagged this 8-inch, 3-pound(!) cheesecake for just $15.99 and describe the treat as the perfect addition to any fall celebration. While when you think of "apple" and "crumb" you might think a different type of a dessert, like a crumble, these ingredients pair very well with a classic cheesecake.

Inside the Junior's apple crumb cheesecake

The account thoughtfully included a photograph of the ingredients list and nutritional information in their post for fellow Costco enthusiasts to examine, and we are happy to announce that the apple crumb cheesecake is not only made with real sliced apples, it is also — unlike some other cheesecakes which contain gelatin — totally vegetarian friendly. Each serving is 1/10 of the cake and contains 400 calories.

This is not the first time Costco has sold cake made by Junior's. In February 2020, according to Delish, select locations of the wholesale chain carried heart-shaped cheesecakes coated in chocolate with chocolate chips covering the sides to celebrate Valentine's Day. Best Products states that Costco paired up with Junior's once more in April of this year and sold giant egg-shaped cakes for Easter. 

Costco has sold Junior's products before

Instead of a cheesecake, which the New York City-based bakery is most well known for, the Junior's Chocolate Dream Easter Egg Layer Cake was made with layers of chocolate cake with white chocolate and milk chocolate mousse, coated in a layer of chocolate, and decorated with pastel stripes and curls created from white chocolate.

As the Junior's apple crumb flavored cheesecake is the third product this year from the regional bakery that Costco has carried, we're willing to bet there will be more to come; so if you want to try these seasonal cheesecakes but don't have a Costco membership, now might be the time to join. While the cheapest membership at the wholesale chain does cost $60 per year, it's more than worth it for the savings. According to the Junior's website, ordering their apple crumb cheesecake online will run you $43.95 plus shipping. That's almost $28 dollars more per cake, before you even consider what it will cost to ship.