Keto Shoppers Won't Want To Miss This Costco Protein Deal

Collagen powder is a great way for keto dieters to pack in extra protein and amino acids in a super-easy way (via Ketogenic), and now Costco customers who follow the keto diet have one more item to place on their grocery list — Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. On September 9th, Instagram user The Costco Connoisseur spotted bottles of this protein powder not only on the store's shelves, but as an even better bonus, they're marked down for the month of September.

These 24-ounce bottles of protein-packed collagen peptides usually cost $30 each, but for the rest of the month, they're $8 off, so you can pick them up for just $22 either online or at your local Costco warehouse. That's a pretty great deal, especially if you use protein powder often. While The Costco Connoisseur prefers to stir this unflavored version into coffee, it can be easily mixed into hot or cold drinks of any kind (via Vital Proteins).

The details you want to know about this collagen peptides protein

As you age, your body is less adept at producing collagen, which is why many people choose to take it as a supplement. Collagen is good for hair, skin, and nails, but it can also improve your joint and bone health as well.

So, if you're looking to add more protein to your diet, drinking this collagen peptides powder is one way to do it. Each two-scoop serving, which is about 20 grams, packs 20 grams of collagen peptides and 18 grams of protein. You'll also get 90 milligrams of vitamin C, which is obviously a great bonus for you too.

According to the bottle, it's gluten-free and dairy-free, though it definitely isn't vegan. The powder is good for those who follow Paleo or Whole30 diets as well. There's no added sugar, and you'll get 80 milligrams of hyaluronic acid. Finally, there are 20 ounces of amino acids packed in each serving.

So, add this to your list if you're looking to try it out and see what kind of results you might get from adding collagen to your diet.