Don't Buy A Thrive Market Membership Until You Read This

The popular online store for groceries, Thrive Market was first founded in 2014 in a bid to source organic and non-GMO items for those looking for a reliable online shopping platform. Think organic products that are usually too pricey to buy from regular grocery stores. The platform promises to offer wholesale prices to its users.

Apart from groceries, buyers can also choose to browse through a plethora of beauty items coupled with cleaning products. As per Business Insider, Thrive Market offers membership options ranging from $60 a year to $10 each month. Buyers are in luck: the items at Thrive Market are available at 25 to 50 percent off. Those looking for good deals won't be disappointed! Additionally, there are more than 6,000 products available in several categories. Here comes the catch: If you're simply looking to purchase produce, Thrive Market falls short compared to your closest farmer's market and grocery store.

Buying meat in bulk may not be your best choice

Thrive Market seeks not only emphasizes healthier food but a healthier environment and uses carbon-neutral shipping, zero-waste warehouses, and recyclable packaging. While it does promise to make sure the seafood and meat on offer are all ethically sourced options, users are limited to purchasing them in bulk. Compared to a regular grocery store that will probably let a buyer purchase lesser quantities based on their needs, Thrive Market restricts those who simply don't have huge freezers in their homes to accommodate large amounts of meat. As longtime fisherman Owen Burke described, "I tried Thrive Market's Deluxe Seafood box, which runs you about $170. This is not something you'll want to buy unless you have a solid shelf of freezer space to spare, but I'll commend Thrive and call this nothing short of a feat on their part."

That said, this is probably a viable option for those who don't need to worry about space constraints in their homes, considering the fact that the products at Thrive Market are ethically sourced and high-quality. As a review by E! Online explains, there is literally nothing you won't find at Thrive Market: whether you've opted for a diet free of gluten and sugar or are following a ketogenic plan, the marketplace has something for everyone, no matter what their needs are. Just make sure you have a big enough freezer for all your meat purchases!