The Unexpected Ingredient That Makes Trader Joe's New Smoked Ahi Tuna So Good

Trader Joe's has done it again, this time by bringing us our favorite tuna takeout at home. The new "Sesame-Crusted Hardwood Smoked Ahi Tuna" is already getting rave reviews (via My Recipes). Described by reviewers as almost a cross between smoked salmon and an everything bagel, this tuna comes packaged similarly to lox in thin slices. The smoke is dominant in this flavor profile, capitalizing on the ahi's typically mild fishy flavor and you can combine it with just about anything – sandwiches, bagels, poke bowls, rice, or salad. One happy Instagrammer describes her recipe as "Trader Joe's hardwood smoked ahi tuna with marinated cucumbers, avocado, crispy wontons and ginger" which receives an immediate "mmmm" by readers (via Instagram). 

In a time where we're all looking to avoid that new 15 pounds (whether COVID or Freshman), it's vital to have handy and healthy munching options – and this snackable ahi might just be the perfect protein. The entire package contains only ahi tuna, sesame oil, sesame seeds, salt, and hardwood smoke for a total of only 140 calories in the entire package (via Instagram).

Ahi tuna sliced and ready to go

Another happy fan describes this new deli offering, "Obsessed with the smoked Ahi Tuna from @traderjoes‼️Topped this with edamame, green onion, spicy cashew butter dressing and tamari. Can't forget the #Traderjoes Furikake seasoning," (via Instagram). We have to agree with their readers that, "This looks sooooo bomb." Sold in 4oz deli trays for just $5.99, this tuna option packs a big health punch for a small package. Ahi, named for the Hawaiian Yellowfin tuna, is a nutritional powerhouse (via Hawaii Seafood).

Each delectable bite is a lean protein that's also low in saturated fat and sodium. You can easily enjoy the tuna carb and gluten-free if you choose. And don't forget the health benefits of vitamins B6, B12, and plenty of Omega-3's. In addition to the ideas above, also consider indulging just a little bit by making your own great smoked tuna dip or spread. The options to try this all can be created in a manner of minutes, and we can't wait to hear what Trader Joe's suggests next.