Why Everyone's Talking About The New Red Bull Flavor

Red Bull is one of the biggest and most popular energy drink brands around, and part of the reason that so many people love it is that there are always new flavors to try. Unless you are a Red Bull purist and only drink the original version of the energy drink, then you are probably already aware of the seasonal limited-edition flavors that the drink company launches. Last April, Red Bull unveiled its summer edition of Red Bull. Watermelon was the flavor of the season, and Sonic even made a Watermelon Red Bull slushie (via Delish). 

While we haven't officially arrived in fall quite yet, Red Bull has already announced its winter edition flavor. However, before the energy drink's newest flavor could launch, it was actually shared in a sneak peek on Reddit. Someone from the company itself actually posted the photo that shared the upcoming flavor two months ago in July, and said it should roll out within three months. Thankfully for Red Bull fans, they were pretty accurate.

The winter edition flavor is Arctic Berry

Customers who responded to the post seemed excited to try it, but they also shared their favorite flavors and hoped for re-releases of those like Plum Twist. The reveal, though, noted that the official name of the winter flavor is Arctic Berry, and another card within the photo also explained that the limited-time drink would taste like raspberries. 

Instagram user CandyHunting posted a photo of the new cans of Arctic Berry Red Bull to their account on Sunday, September 13th. With the photo of the light blue can, CandyHunting also announced that the flavor is now available at select stores around the country. "It has been spotted at Circle K, Kwik Trip, and Fred Meyer so far. There are some images circulating that suggest the drink is exclusive to Circle K, however, I found the graphic pictured on the website of a Kroger-owned store and it's been spotted elsewhere," the post said (via Delish). So, just keep your eyes peeled for the baby-blue cans and pick up one to try when you see them.