The Recipe It Took Joanna Gaines An Entire Year To Get Right

Co-host of the popular television show Fixer Upper, Joanna Gaines is a woman of many talents. Not only can she convert shabby spaces into beautiful ones with her vision, she's also an enthusiastic cook! In her cookbook, Magnolia Table, the chef shared many of her experiences from the kitchen. Her no-holds-barred approach is refreshing, especially when she talks about super relatable kitchen experiences such as trying your best to get a dish right. 

An excerpt from Magnolia Table, shared by the Huffington Post, shed light on Gaines' recipe development process when it came to baking the perfect biscuits. "It took me a year of Saturdays to get these biscuits just right. Almost every weekend for months, I worked up another batch for Chip and the kids to taste and then wrote down their feedback," Gaines wrote. "Biscuit after biscuit was judged to be too heavy, too light, too flat, too salty, too dry, or just... not right. I don't entirely know what kept me going back to the mixing bowl, but something inside me was clearly determined to prevail."

Gaines wanted to create the perfect biscuit recipe

Joanna Gaines' hard work was not in vain, but finding the perfect biscuit recipe took time. It kept her on her toes, constantly experimenting with and changing the recipe week after week. Her family members were supportive, offering constructive feedback and patiently waiting to try the next batch. When she did finally discover what worked, it was a special moment for the family. "I vividly remember the moment I finally nailed it, when the whole family declared simultaneously, 'This is it'" Gaines explained.

Some of the tricks Gaines found through her recipe experiments are adding eggs to the biscuit dough and playing around with the baking arrangement. Her husband, Chip, is so in love with the final recipe that he now has the biscuits with his usual Saturday morning breakfast every weekend without fail. The biscuits are so cherished by Gaines that they even earned the first spot in her cookbook, Magnolia Table, as it is one of the most loved recipes by her husband and kids.