The Internet Is Freaking Out About These Sacks Of Wet Boiled Eggs

The interwebs collectively lost their marbles when Twitter user Strumpet shared two rather interesting photos of what U.K. grocer Morrisons calls a "wet egg." What is a wet egg, you ask? Well, it's a hard boiled egg stored at room temperature in a bag floating in a preservative liquid. Strumpet shared in the tweet, "My local Morrison's is selling actual sacks of wet eggs. This is the most wretched and cursed item I have ever witnessed," while holding up the bag in one of the photos. 

In the second photo, you can see several bags of the wet eggs on the Morrisons shelf, in all their glory, waiting for residents to just snatch them up and take them home for recreational enjoyment. The tweet quickly went viral — being shared by media sites like Buzzfeed, Fox News, and The Sun — being retweeted over 14,400 times and liked over 130,600 times at time of writing.

What was the internet's final verdict on wet eggs?

Many of Strumpet's fellow Twitter users all shared the same general sentiment, which was a resounding giant "why?" Twitter user Covfefe Anon tweeted at Strumpet pointing out that the bag states there are five eggs in each bag, but that there appeared to be a number closer to 12 eggs total. "Are you supposed to guess which 5 are boiled," asked Anon. Another user joked about how you're only supposed to drink the water and how the eggs were added for flavoring. A third Twitter user, Tommy Rotten, even went as far as creating their own little love story worthy of a Netflix run. Rotten painted a picture of a scenic and romantic star-gazing picnic, where the boyfriend pulls a "ring in the food" trope but with the wet eggs. 

If you're wondering, she said "yes" and the wedding was appropriately egg-themed. A representative on Morrisons' social media team jumped in and confirmed that the eggs were typically used for their salad bar, but that the grocer sometimes sold them directly to customers (via Fox News). So next time you're in the U.K. and are craving about 12 pre-cooked hard boiled eggs, Morrisons has got your back.