The Real Reason Buddy Valastro Was Arrested In 2014

Celebrity chef and the maker of elaborate cakes, Buddy Valastro has run into legal trouble in the past, a fact that has earned him notoriety and a reputation that he probably wasn't asking for. Valastro's legal issues took place in 2014, at which point he was fairly successful and a known figure. This backfired for Valastro, whose misdemeanors were caught by attentive fans.

As explained by NBC, the star of the TLC show, Cake Boss, found himself in major trouble when cops him after noticing he was swerving through traffic. When he got out of his car, it was obvious that he couldn't quite stay on his feet and was inebriated. Valastro wanted to get out of the situation quickly and was apparently feeling rather confident as he said: "You can't arrest me. I'm the Cake Boss." He proceeded to ask them to get a taxi for him. This obviously didn't go down well with the police officers who arrested him.

Valastro was called out for drunk driving

The chef received plenty of reactions after he was arrested. He solemnly said, "Please know that I want to share and explain to you what happened today and I look forward to doing so at a later date. I appreciate your support and understanding as we handle things privately as a family." Twitter, meanwhile, chimed in as people expressed their surprise, amusement, and opinions on the scandal. Even TV show host Jimmy Fallon jumped into the fray with his take on the incident. Meanwhile, prosecutors stated that the chef had mentioned to the cops who arrested him that he had consumed a few drinks. 

Valastro pleaded guilty in court declared he would never again drive after having even "a sip" of alcohol. He also decided to post an apology on Twitter: "I want to thank everyone for their support. I also want to apologize to everyone." Suffice to say, this is one incident Valastro has been eager to put behind him ever since.