Read This Before Putting Burgers In The Air Fryer

Hamburgers are popular for a reason. They're a definite comfort food option for many people who have their individual preferences on how to scarf down their burgers. While some prefer to never look beyond the grill and only eat their burgers medium-rare, others experiment with plenty of ketchup, spicy sauces, and mayonnaise (and more!) while preparing their burgers. In fact, as per Chef Ken Wiss, you should never directly cut into a patty to find out whether it's ready — squeeze its sides instead. He told Mental Floss that the sides of the patty should ideally "show some springy resistance for medium-rare." Who knew?

However, if you're one of those who are trying to embrace the air fryer in all its glory and wondering whether you can whip up a burger with it, well, we have some bad news for you. Simply put, it's a bit more complicated than simply grilling the meat, especially if you're very particular about the final results. 

Making a medium-well burger in an air fryer is more complicated than you think

So why is it not feasible to prepare a medium-rare burger in the air fryer? As it turns out, the way an air fryer typically works ends up messing with a burger if you're chasing perfection. Consider this: A medium-rare burger is best prepared at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Business Insider, when you're using an air fryer, it doesn't take a long time for the patty to hit medium-rare — but the process is so fast that it doesn't let the burger brown up on the outside. And that may result in something that simply puts you off and makes you crave for more char on the burger.

However, you're in the clear if you actually like well-done patties. Air fryers can produce perfectly delicious well-done burgers. In the end, it all boils down to your personal preferences and the final results that you are envisioning while prepping your delicious burger. Bon appétit.