McDonald's Just Jumped On The Pumpkin Bandwagon

While pumpkin spice latte season started at the end of August, McDonald's actually stuck to the calendar. Though you have probably already seen tons of pumpkin- and fall-flavored treats popping up everywhere, McDonald's is part of the small fraction of retailers who have refrained until the actual fall season arrived. Now that the season is here, you can really dig into all of your favorites guilt-free.

Fall officially began on Tuesday, September 22nd, and that's when people began noticing that the fast-food chain began selling its seasonal pumpkin and cream pies (via Delish). Apparently Instagram user SnackGator picked one up from their local McDonald's and snapped a photo to post. McDonald's classic apple pie is a year-round favorite thanks to its sweet and crisp apple filling and deliciously warm and buttery pastry. It's really hard to beat, but the newest flavor to grace the menu will certainly put you in the mood for fall foods. And if you haven't tried a pumpkin and cream pie in years past, now is the time to give it a try.

Here's what you need to know about the pumpkin and cream pies

The pumpkin and cream pie is more like a turnover or a hand pie with a small slit in the top, which you could likely assume allows the heat to escape and prevent the pastry from popping open while baking or getting soggy. This pumpkin McDonald's pie pastry is then filled with something very similar to traditional pumpkin pie filling. It's smooth and has that perfect pumpkin-y fall flavor. The pie is also filled with a sweet cream that gives it a taste similar to a cream cheese pumpkin pie (via My Recipes).

Each pumpkin and cream pie is 280 calories and has 31 grams of carbs and 16 grams of fat (via McDonald's). So, it isn't exactly the lightest of treats, but every so often, you just have to satisfy that pumpkin craving. Furthermore, the pie does contain milk and wheat, so it isn't vegan-friendly or gluten-free.

Those looking to get in the spirit of fall this week should definitely swing by your local McDonald's drive-thru to pick one up — maybe even an apple pie, too, since it is about that time for apple harvest after all. But, if the pumpkin and cream pie hasn't made it to your area yet, just wait. It's on its way.