A Study Just Revealed The Best Cities In The U.S. For Coffee Lovers

In an announcement that shouldn't surprise anyone, Seattle wins top billing for "coffee city" again. After all, even Seattle's Starbucks have luxury options, like the Starbucks Roastery Reserve. And while the first-place city may not be news, the other members of the Top 10 and some honorable mentions might catch you by surprise in WalletHub's list of the "Best Coffee Cities in America."

To reach these conclusions, WalletHub explored 100 of the most populated cities in the U.S. and evaluated them across a weighted system of metrics for a total of x/100 points. The cities finishing behind Seattle's 73.68 include San Francisco at 71.34, Portland, OR at 67.55, Miami at 66.51, Tampa at 62.72, Pittsburgh scoring 61.95 56, Honolulu at 61.79, Denver with 61.3, Oakland, CA at 59.99, and Atlanta, which comes in 10th at 59.85. The criteria include both how much residents spent regularly on coffee but also how much they consumed. Price guidelines were compared with Google search traffic and coffee-based events as well as the per capita number of donut shops.

But the overall winners share only a few of our caffeine-driven insights. We'd bet a soy low-foam latte that you couldn't guess all of these next top cities.

Can you guess which city spends the most on coffee?

The award for the city that spends the highest average dollar amount on coffee Freemont, CA – a category mostly anchored by pricier California beverages. Cities that have the lowest average spent per household include Newark and Toledo. Households in Hialeah, FL simply make most of their coffee at home. Chicago, New York, and LA dominate for having the most donut shops per capita, but there's barely a donut to be found in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, which shared honors for least donuts around.

Cities with the most coffee shops or coffee houses around aren't the on West Coast caffeine belt but are instead listed as Orlando, Honolulu, and Pittsburgh but you'd better break out the coffee finder app if you need a cup of 'joe in Texas, which accounted for 3 out of the 5 cities on the list for fewest coffee shops. The U.S. coffee industry is currently worth $48 billion, meaning that if you need an emergency espresso, you'll probably be okay anywhere. These fun facts are inspiring us to discover more about these favorite local coffee specialties now, too.