The Untold Truth Of Torchy's Tacos

Torchy Tacos is popular for a reason. With as many as 75 outlets across the U.S., the rapidly expanding chain is started to develop a robust fan following. What's on offer? Scrumptious tacos, of course! The brand prides itself on doing something unique with each of their outlets and experimenting with things like design to keep their patrons hooked. First launched in 2006, the taco chain is rather fun and getting noticed for doing things a little differently. 

As per a Food & Wine piece, Torchy Tacos' roots lie in Austin and the brand ensures that it makes this fact abundantly clear. The chefs make a special effort to add flavors that are much-loved by everyone who is native to Austin such as barbecue and Tex-Mex flavors and for those who like being a tad adventurous, a mix of eclectic flavors to create results that are truly astounding and well, hard to ignore. 

It started with a food truck

So how did the brand's journey actually begin? It all started with a simple food truck in Austin, Texas. According to the brand's website, their founder, Mike Rypka first got himself a food truck and Vespa in a bid to work on his dream of running a taco truck. He spent quite some time experimenting as he tried to figure out the best combination of flavors before he figured out what worked well. Of course, it helped that his target audience loved his tacos and were blown away by what they tried. To be fair, Rypka wasn't sure what he was getting into at first. "It took us more than two years before we started breaking even or making a profit. I worked 100 hours a week during that time. My days started at 5 a.m. and ended at midnight," Rypka told Austin Monthly in an interview in March, describing what the early days were like.

"It was exhausting, but there always seemed to be these mini breakthroughs that would come up when we needed it most—a big catering gig, a new review in a local publication. Those little victories kept us going," he added.

They have a solid brand image

What really helps Torchy's Tacos stand out is the fact that it offers a fun, light-hearted take on tacos that taste really good and keep you coming back for more. Torchy's brand image is refreshingly different with its baby devil mascot, a secret menu and vibrant interiors. The brand has managed to capture the attention of customers across the U.S with its offerings and is looking to grow.

Rypka confessed to Austin Monthly that he would have never imagined that his humble dream would grow by leaps and bounds. "The mission was always to go from a trailer to a brick-and-mortar, but that was it. It's humbling to say, but we just opened our 71st Torchy's in December, and we're aiming to open another 20 locations this year," he said. "Luckily, I still get to focus on the food and the marketing to ensure we stay true to our roots."