The Popeyes And Migos Collaboration You Never Experienced

Ready for some serious FOMO? If you didn't get the memo, last December, Popeyes, Migos, and Uber Eats collaborated to offer the Popeyes Migos Menu in the US and Canada based on each member of the trio's personal favorite Popeyes order. The bad news is that Hypebeast reported the partnership between the fried chicken chain, musical trio, and delivery service ended January 2nd of this year, adding to the running list of ways that 2020 has hurt us all. 

So what did we miss by not snagging any meals off the Migos Menu? We know each meal was based on the members of Migos' typical Popeyes order, so each of them is fittingly named after their creator. The Offset came with an eight-piece, bone-in chicken meal with one large fries, one large side of mashed potatoes with gravy, and four biscuits, all for just $21.99. The Quavo gave you two chicken sandwiches, two regular-sized orders of fries, one regular portion of mashed potatoes with gravy, two apple pies, and two small drinks for $17.99. If you weren't Offset or Quavo levels of hungry, you could always get The Takeoff, featuring five chicken tenders, two sauces, one regular order of mashed potatoes, two biscuits, and one apple pie for only $9.99. 

The Popeyes Migos menu included an order large enough to share with your own (a)Migos

There was even an option on the Popeyes Migos Menu meant to serve a whole group of people (as if The Offset couldn't already). The Tour Rider, for $46.99, came with twenty chicken tenders, seven sauces, one large order of mashed potatoes with gravy, two large orders of fries, five biscuits, and a whole gallon of lemonade.

The collaboration between Migos and Popeyes makes a lot of sense, given the trio's longstanding devotion to the fast food chain. As the New York Daily News reported, a rep for Uber Eats said that Migos actual tour rider (the document that lists a touring artist's requests and demands) specifically mentioned Popeyes chicken as a necessity for the trio to perform. Not only that — the group has name-checked Popeyes multiple times in their songs, name dropping the fried chicken company in "Cross the Country," "Trap Life," and "Stir Fry" (via Genius). In August 2019, Quavo even joked in an Instagram post about selling his Popeyes chicken sandwiches for $1000 each. Here's hoping the collaboration comes back this December! If not, at least now we all know what to order at Popeyes to live Migos' version of the high life.