This Viral TikTok Hack Makes Food Prep A Lot Less Messy

Who doesn't like avoiding creating a huge mess while cooking? Messy kitchen counters can be the worst, especially when it's time to clean up. But don't despair. Help is at hand. A recently posted video on TikTok demonstrates the best way to make food prep hassle-free. TikTok user, Andrew Gatt's video went viral for demonstrating an easy but often overlooked hack. While his trick was used while making eggs, you can use this for virtually anything that's liquid and may be easily spilled on the kitchen counter. 

So what did Gatt do? Well, while preparing eggs, he transferred the contents from a bowl to a frying pan carefully, making sure to tweak the process a little bit. You see, most folks would turn a bowl straight back up after pouring but Gatt completed the rotation, turning the bowl all the way around in the direction he tilted it to pour the eggs instead of simply propping it back up. This helped him avoid a messy outcome as the contents that would have normally spilled down the side of the bowl simply fell back inside.

There's an easy way to avoid a mess in the kitchen

As explained by Delish, this video, which captioned, "How old were you when you learned this life hack?" left viewers somewhat conflicted as they expressed their thoughts on the hack. However, the viral video did earn praise from many viewers. Some were amazed that they'd never thought to try the trick until then despite the fact that was such a simple idea. Others weren't impressed and said, "Just put [the bow] in the sink." 

Many TikTokers reckoned that this is a neat little trick and takes less time than plopping the bowl in the sink and avoids wasting paper towels that might be used for spilled eggs. Some commenters also suggested using a spatula to avoid food spillage. While you may or may not be impressed with the hack, it doesn't hurt to try, right? It is easy and painless and may make your post-breakfast cleanup a little easier.