This Is The Best Rum For Dark And Stormy Cocktails

Bermuda's favorite highball cocktail, the Dark 'n' Stormy is a refreshing mix of dark rum, spicy ginger beer, and a slice of lime, served over plenty of ice (via CNN). The story of the drink dates back to 1806 when an Englishman named James Gosling set sail from England with cargo due to be shipped to the States. As the story goes, Goslings' tumultuous journey landed him not on the coast of America but on the island of Bermuda. 

Gosling decided to call it quits and settle in Bermuda, where he and his family began a rum production company. According to The Drinks Business, other British sailors introduced ginger beer to the Caribbean began to add it to their rum rations, which were produced in the region. Gosling's Black Seal Rum came to be the alcohol of choice. The combination was thought to ward off seasickness and aid digestion. The sailors staved off scurvy by adding the lime to the cocktail.

Gosling's trademarked their cocktail recipe

Gosling's swooped into the Dark and Stormy game and trademarked their cocktail recipe in 2009. The New York Times reported that Gosling's has two trademark certificates with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The rum company created a unique spelling and punctuation combo for the cocktail (Dark 'n' Stormy) and now has the right to press charges against anyone attempting to make a drink using a competitor's rum. Gosling's is serious about retaining the rights to their signature cocktail. In an interview with Maxim, Gosling's spokesperson Glenn Kelly said, "The reason why it is important to have a trademark for this cocktail is to ensure consistency of the taste of this cocktail."

Lawsuits aside, what makes Gosling's Black Seal Rum the ideal candidate for a Dark and Stormy? When lining up the best rums to use in the cocktail, Thrillist appreciated its dark, rich flavors that come from aging in oak barrels. Since Gosling's is so serious about preserving the integrity of their signature cocktail, it's better to have a bottle on hand to mix up your next round of Dark and Stormys than risk a legal battle.