This Might Be The Most Unique Wendy's In The U.S.

When you think of Wendy's you probably envision a Baconater, Four for $4, or little Wendy herself, the pigtailed mascot. In addition, you probably expect your building to have some standout fast food characteristics including boxy architecture and bright, vivid red colors. Not so with this unique Wendy's in Nisswa, Minnesota. Described by some as "the most unique Wendy's in the world" we're not quite sure we agree, but we definitely give it a vote for being unique and inviting (via Only in Your State). 

This small-town Wendy's has an incredibly welcoming feel. The log cabin exterior isn't merely a facade, but an architectural element throughout the store. The interior boasts high ceilings and log beams throughout, as well as a large fireplace to toast yourself up during the cold Minnesota winters. Diners share a little more, "A log cabin Wendy's?! I'm not sure if things could get any better. Honestly if you drove past without really looking you wouldn't catch that it's an actually Wendy's. The staff was really friendly," (via Yelp). And while the food is just you're standard Wendy's fare — as a bonus you can sit and watch a Vikings game while you enjoy your fries.

Fast food with fun architecture

While the Nisswa Wendy's may be unique, it's not alone in being a log cabin styled quick-service restaurant. Just check out this McDonald's in Leavenworth, Washington. Leavenworth is also a small and snowy town, called Christmas-town by many and known for its Bavarian-style architecture throughout (via Leavenworth). In keeping with this mountain-town's holiday theme, the area McDonald's features an angled roof, muted golds, and the ever-present Christmas decor and string lights of the area's main streets.

Describing the unique look one visitor shares, "It has the German town flavor decor much like all shops and restaurants in Leavenworth. It's a small McDonalds, with only two pay counters, one person to take orders and two self order stations which the manager tried to get his customers to try using. Food is typical McDonalds, same standard as any other McDonalds. It was good for an inexpensive snack or meal," (via Trip Advisor). When it comes to tourist areas – sometimes cozy and affordable are the best way to go.

Have you visited any unique food chains worthy of checking out? Let us know!