The Reason Buddy Valastro Is Relearning How To Ice A Cake

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro recently tweeted about relearning how to ice a cake with his non-dominant hand. Why does Valastro have to go lefty, after years of icing mastery? In September, he got into a bowling accident that took his right hand fully out of commission. The accident occurred in the bowling alley Valastro's own home. 

"The [pin-setting] machine was stuck and it's not uncommon I went behind to go and fix the machine and I jumped up on top of it like I normally do," explained Valastro during an interview with TODAY. "... And before you know it, I turned my head for a second and my right hand got wedged between a fork. And then this other rod that goes through the fork just pierced through my middle finger and ring finger."

According to People, Valastro has undergone two surgeries. He's facing months of physical therapy, and possibly even more surgery. So for now, all his cakes will have to be iced left-handed.

How Buddy Valastro is becoming a lefty

This accident would be horrifying for anyone (perhaps aside from the part about having a private, at-home bowling alley). It's especially upsetting for Valastro however, whose entire career is built on the deftness of his hands. 

"I have a thing with my hands," Valastro explained to People. "If I get a paper cut on my hand, I'm pissed off. My hands to me are my lifeline of everything I do. And I wonder, 'Am I ever going to do what I used to be able to do?'"

His wife Lisa added, "He will bake again, even if he has to use his left hand. Trust me." 

Sure enough, these first few left-handed cakes aren't up to his usual, impeccable standard, but they're already better than what your average baker can do with their dominant hand. 

As his recovery progresses, Valastro is thankful for the outpouring of support from family and strangers alike. "Blessed to have my beautiful family by my side and so grateful for all the love and support from my social media family," he recently tweeted. "My heart is full! Thank you for the outreach and well wishes!"