The Real Difference Between MoonPies And Whoopie Pies

Americans love nostalgic sweets. They bring back memories of childhood, serve as reminders of previous vacations, and can instantly help recall special moments. Two treats that fall into this classic sweets category are MoonPies and Whoopie Pies. Erin Nudi states that MoonPies first appeared on the scene in 1919, at a bakery in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and became popular with working men in the 1930s. According to the MoonPie website, it was a coal miner who originally requested a snack "as big as the moon" from a traveling salesman. The Chattanooga Bakery responded with the MoonPie, and by 1929 was producing the round treats by the hundreds daily. 

Whoopie Pies, on the other hand, made their first retail appearance in Lewiston, Maine in 1925. Although first commercially sold by Labadie's Bakery, What's Cooking America says Whoopie Pies originated within the Amish community made from leftover batter. The outlet states the name allegedly came from children yelling out "Whoopie!" when they discovered the treat in their lunchboxes. Similar in shape, but not always in size; some may confuse these simple, delicious treats. Let's take a closer look at the differences that make MoonPies and Whoopie Pies unique.

How to tell the difference between MoonPies and Whoopie Pies

Chowhound states the classic MoonPie is round and enrobed in a thin layer of chocolate. When you bite into one or cut it open, you'll find two soft graham cracker cookies surrounding a marshmallow filling. Over the years, many flavors have been added alongside the classic chocolate, ranging from strawberry to banana to coconut. Soda brand RC Cola and MoonPie used to be considered a classic combo, as evidenced in a song by country star Big Bill Lister.

Compared to MoonPies, Whoopie Pies are softer, larger, and much more cake-like. According to What's Cooking America, the Whoopie Pies in Maine are about the size of a hamburger, created by taking two large, soft cookies and sandwiching them around fluffy, white marshmallow fluff or creme. The most common Whoopie pie flavor is chocolate, but seasonal offerings such as pumpkin have also become popular throughout the years. Whether you're in the mood for something cakey and soft, like a Whoopie Pie, or something more reminiscent of a s'more, such as a MoonPie, you can't go wrong with either of these classic, nostalgic treats.