The Burger King Mascots You Forgot Existed

Right now, it may be hard to think of Burger King without picturing the chain's (honestly kind of terrifying) giant-headed mascot, but there was a time when there were a few more members of the Burger Kingdom than just the King. 

In 1989, when BK rebranded its children's meal program as the Burger King Kids Club meal, they debuted a new group of mascots, the Burger King Kids Club Gang. This group of spunky kids (and one spunky dog) repped the brand for decades, appearing in ads full of adventures and hijinks. The original gang featured Kid Vid, a video game enthusiast who led the pack; Boomer, a sporty tomboy; Jaws, a Jughead-type who loved a good meal; I.Q., the brains of the bunch; Lingo, a multi-lingual artist; Snaps, the group's photographer; Wheels, the one in the jean jacket; and J.D., the dog and the team's mascot (via Kids World's Adventures Wiki). In the early '00s, Burger King added Jazz to the group, a music-loving trumpeter. 

Burger King ads featured some kooky critters too

In 2004, the Kids Club Gang was replaced with an even zanier bunch — the Honbatz, Burger King's group of hyper-energetic monsters who advertised the kids meals for a couple of years (via Ad Mascot Wiki). 

The group included Mixmax, a semicircle with a mohawk, who was a bit of a showoff; Thisorthat, the unbelievably indecisive three-eyed monster who wanted to eat everything so badly that he never knew which thing to eat first (definitely a Libra); Bonny, the studious Honbatz with a sweet personality — you can tell she's the girl of the group, because she has a bow; Chomp, the propeller-topped big guy whose intimidating appearance got in the way of how badly he wanted to make friends; and the Eeeps, group of tiny red guys with horns who advertised apples as a healthier alternative to fries. The Honbatz were replaced in 2006 in most markets by a rebooted version of BK's 1970s animated king, similar to the one we see today, ending the reign of scrappy gangs full of kooky kids or monsters for Burger King.