How American Burger King Burgers Differ From France's

According to the Burger King France website, the chain was finally introduced to the county in 2012, thanks to the Bertrand group. The company again made headlines earlier this year, when they shared a recipe for Burger King's iconic Whopper over Twitter (via New York Post). The recipe called for just eight ingredients that are typical of most homemade burgers, and was dubbed "Le Whopper de la Quarantine." Regardless of its simplicity, the gesture was a hit with fans, and saw Twitter users uploading photos of their own take on the fast food classic. While the famous BK Whopper is standard in both France and America, there are quite a few menu differences you'll find if visiting Burger King's French counterpart.

France is historically lauded for its cheese and bread, so it's not surprising to find that Burger King France highlights unique cheese and bread on its menu. Take for instance the Petit Texas Bacon, which features flame-grilled minced steak, cheese, and a creamy, smoky, bacon-flavored sauce. The French menu's sandwiches offer ingredients like goat cheese, Cantal cheese, delectable sauces, and brioche bread. Let's take a closer look.

Burger King France targets French appetites with specality burgers

Americans for the most part like to keep things simple when it comes to fast food. Introducing unfamiliar cheeses and sauces to a menu in the States may alienate some. However, French palates are used to bold flavor profiles. It's because of this that Burger King France can introduce burgers such as the Master Chèvre (available as a double, too). The burger starts with a Charolais beef patty, and is topped with goat cheese, dried and marinated tomatoes, arugula salad, a creamy herb sauce, and a soft brioche bun.

Another head turner is Burger King France's Master Cantal burger (also available as a double), which takes a brioche bun and adds 150 grams of flame-grilled Charolais beef, old-fashioned mustard sauce, two slices of Cantal cheese, arugula salad, caramelized onions, and fried onions. Meanwhile, the fanciest burger on America's Burger King menu appears to be the limited time only Steakhouse King, with its two flame-grilled patties, two slices of American cheese, mayo, steakhouse sauce, crispy onions, and sesame seed bun (via Chew Boom). C'est la Vie!