The Odd Detail On The American Barbecue Showdown That Has Fans Talking

Netflix's newest cooking series, The American Barbeque Showdown, delved into the world of backyard smokers as well as extraordinary barbecuers as they battled for the top spot in the competition. The show was hosted by Rutledge Wood and Lyric Lewis while the judges included barbecue icons such as Kevin Bludso and Melissa Cookston. The contestants were required to overcome daunting tasks that put their barbecue skills to the test (via Decider). They needed to be versatile as they tackled everything from unique meat cuts to tried-and-tested methods while cooking up a storm.

The show's contestants were from varied backgrounds and brought unique perspectives to the show and tried to impress the judges by showcasing their skills through old family recipes. As exciting as the show has been for many viewers, some of them have been left scratching their heads in confusion. They took to Reddit to discuss an absurd detail they'd noticed on show.

The outfits strangely keep repeating

In a Reddit post titled "The American Barbecue Showdown: Do these contestants change clothes?" a curious viewer asked fellow Redditors to chime in with their views on the show, particularly the fact that contestants weren't really changing clothes on the show despite sweating profusely which seemed rather odd. "I'm three episodes in.. and everyone is wearing the same thing from day one. Shoot, one dude cut off his sleeves in episode two from the shirt he was wearing in episode three.. back in episode one, almost everyone was sweating up a storm," the poster wrote.

Turns out there is a reason for this. A helpful fan replied on the thread and cleared up the mystery for everyone. "Okay, so I went straight to the source and went ahead and asked Rasheed himself why this was a thing," they wrote, referring to one of the contestants on the show, Rasheed Philips. The fan reached out to Philips on Instagram to find the answer. "The set provided multiples of the same outfit for everyone. Mystery solved, guys," the fan wrote.  Seems like the producers wanted to make editing simple and play around with shots as much as possible without worrying about continuity, eh?