The Reason You Wouldn't Want To Meet Anne Burrell In Real Life

Celebrity chef Anne Burrell, who can be seen in shows like Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Worst Cooks in America, is known for her striking blonde hairstyle and strong opinions on food. Burrell doesn't shy away from being blunt when discussing cooking, something that hasn't exactly gone unnoticed. As explained by Delaware Online, the chef didn't hesitate to voice her thoughts on Worst Cooks in America. Burrell revealed that she has often been asked whether she's actually witnessed that the contestants are that bad when it comes to prepping meals or if they are faking it for television. "Yes, they are [that bad]," Burrell said. "I could never fake that. My mind just doesn't go to that direction."

Burrell may be an experienced chef and who learned the tricks of the trade from the respected Culinary Institute of America, but she has her flaws. For example, it is rumored that she isn't that great to work with and can be rather unpleasant at times, especially toward women. Surprised? Read on for more details.

Chef Anne Burrell can be very tough to work with

Burrell, as it turns out, can be rather discriminatory in the work environment. In fact, in 2009 she was even sued for her behavior. As explained by Eater, Burrell was involved in a lawsuit and was accused of being incredibly rude to the female workers at New York City restaurant Centro Vinoteca. Burrell worked there at the time, and her former colleagues claimed that she would frequently make sexist, hurtful remarks that were only directed at female employees.

Not only has Burrell been accused of discrimination, she is also allegedly just plain rude at times, as illustrated in a letter sent to written by a fan who was disappointed about meeting Burrell. The fan wrote that they'd taken their daughter to meet Burrell at a public appearance and were thoroughly let down by the chef's condescending remarks towards members of the audience. For example, when someone asked Burrell what kind of food she enjoyed making the most at home, Burrell said, "I'm not even going to answer that question. Food. I cook food when I'm at home." Burrell also left the event early and didn't sign autographs for those who were patiently waiting for her. Ouch.