This Is The Worst Fast Food Hot Dog

Hot dogs are one of nature's easiest, yet tastiest ways to stave off hunger. Though the basic concept is simple, there are all sorts of creative versions that are suitable for virtually any palate. From New York's legendary dirty-water dogs and Chicago's "dragged through the garden" delicacies to the various weird types of hot dog from around the world, there's seemingly no place humanity is unwilling to go in its daring quest to find new ways to combine bread and sausage.

Of course, a hot dog is ultimately a quick bite by design, and as such, it's a common sight in fast food restaurants. While some chains have figured out how to make truly delicious dogs that are filled to the absolute brim with amazing flavors, others have been ... less successful. But what is the fast food joint you should absolutely avoid when you get that hankering for a hot dog (or three)? Let's take a look at the fast food hot dog people say is the worst of them all. 

Dairy Queen's chili cheese hot dog is something else

Dairy Queen's famous Blizzard might be amazing, but their hot dogs have a bit of a reputation. Rumors of their unsavory nature date back to at least 2010, when a Reddit commenter and a supposed Dairy Queen worker made many creepy claims about the fast food chain, including a statement that DQ uses the hot dogs over and over again, heating the leftover dogs from the previous day every morning. While such unsourced claims from a random person are rarely worth taking without a pinch of salt, other supposed Dairy Queen workers have posted on Quora and recommended steering clear of the chain's hot dogs, especially the ones that come with the "really disgusting" chili. 

Speaking of chili, DQ's chili cheese dog seems to attract a very particular ire. Fast Food Menu Prices gave it a one-star review, noting that the hot dog somehow manages to taste both bland and "like low-grade meat." In 2016, Marina Nazario of Business Insider went as far as calling Dairy Queen's chili cheese dog the single worst fast food item she ever tasted, to a point that she actually said, "That is not a hot dog," after biting into one. One of her companions was even more acidic in their analysis. "This tastes like it's three weeks old," they said. Ouch.

All in all, if these reviews are to be trusted, you should probably never order a chili cheese dog from Dairy Queen