Reese's Unique Solution To Pandemic Trick-Or-Treating

If you're someone who really empathizes with the dancing jack-o'-lantern skeleton GIF or Dwight walking around with a pumpkin on his head in an episode of The Office, then you might be feeling a little blue that Halloween will be a little different this year. While COVID-19 will undoubtedly change how we celebrate and trick-or-treat, around 63 percent of adults believe there will be a creative solution to the problem (via National Confectioners Association). In fact, one man already created a candy shoot with a decorative tube to give candy to kids. But if you're really looking to stay far away from everyone, then Reese's has the perfect answer to your Halloween woes (via Delish). 

Whether you plan to wear a face mask or a spooky costume mask, the way Reese's is changing everything will eliminate the need for close proximity to other people. The candy company is sending a Halloween door delivering Reese's Peanut Butter Cups straight to your own home's doorstep. Allen Dark, a Reese's senior brand manager, said, "This Halloween is unlike any other, so we've upped the ante on creativity as a result. A robotic Reese's dispensing door is just what the world needs right now," he added in a press release Mashed received. Rain or shine, all you'll have to do is say "trick or treat" to receive your Reese's treats.

Here's how you can get the door to visit your neighborhood

The Reese's Trick-or-Treat Door has been designed to rove through neighborhoods on its own which might be the safest way to receive your favorite Halloween treat during pandemic times. The one-of-a-kind robotic door is remote-controlled from over 5,000 feet away and delivers king size Reese's Peanut Butter Cups right to you through a mail slot with a retractable shelf. Forget having a favorite house in the neighborhood that gives out full-sized candy bars. Reese's just won the Halloween treat wars thanks to its new skill of safely-delivered king-size treats.

If that isn't enough, you'll love the spooky way this door arrives too. The nine-foot door announces itself when it enters your neighborhood with billowing smoke, lights, and even a Halloween soundtrack that everyone will love. The door also has a built-in Bluetooth-enabled speaker that activates once you say those magic trick-or-treat words. Plus, three motors power the door so it definitely won't give out before it reaches your door.

To get this epic Reese's Trick-or-Treat Door to visit you and your town, you'll need to head over to @Reeses on Instagram. Then tell them your location, such as your neighborhood or town, and don't forget to use the hashtag #ReesesDoor. You certainly won't want to miss out on this amazing treat during COVID-19 Halloween.