This Is Why Bobby Flay Can't Stand Lentils

Celebrity chef, cookbook author, and TV show host Bobby Flay is a huge fan of food in various forms and calls it "the center of my universe" (via his official website). He explains it further and writes, "It's the way I make my living, the way I relax, the way I express myself, and how I keep healthy. I communicate with the world, and experience the world, through food."

Flay is a rare talent who found his passion for food as a child. According to Insider, he achieved success early in his career. He became a head chef for the first time when he was only 20 years old and opened his first eatery at 26. When it comes to cooking, he specializes in Southwestern cuisine in particular. When it comes to his personal preferences, like many of us, he can be picky. For example, he hates the taste of durians,  but loves pasta with tomato and Parmesan cheese. But he's also not a fan of lentils. At all.

He hates them enough to not serve them

Flay once revealed in an interview with The New York Times that he's no fan of the taste of lentils and actively avoids them. And he knows it's something that's unusual for a lot of people to learn. "Whenever I tell somebody I hate lentils, they're shocked," he admitted. "There are a lot of lentil fans out there."

In fact, his hatred for lentils is so intense that he doesn't even allow his restaurants to serve lentils. While nutritious lentils were suggested for a salad at the restaurant in the beginning, the chef pretty much turned down the idea before the restaurant opened its doors to members of the public. Flay's chefs are smart, however, and do occasionally experiment with lentil dishes in the restaurant when the big boss is away on vacation. Who would've thought it's possible to hate lentils this much?