The Real Reason This Cranberry-Loving TikTok Star Makes Videos

TikTok star @420dogface208 went viral recently after uploading a video to the social media platform simply captioned "morning vibe." In the short clip, the TikToker (real name Nathan Apodaca, according to Delish) can be seen from the waist up cruising on a longboard down the highway, drinking a bottle of Ocean Spray Cran-Raspberry juice, and lip synching along to "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac. Clearly Apodaca's "vibes" resonated with a lot of viewers, as the video has now received over 10 million likes and 121 thousand comments.

In an interview with Insider, Apodaca stated that he routinely creates these types of feel good videos for his followers, who he lovingly refers to as his "souljahz." Even before the viral sensation, he had a fairly significant amount of followers tuning in to see his dance skills and appreciate his laid-back approach to life. Apodaca told the outlet "I usually see the video in my head before I do it. I heard the song and I had seen the video in my head." Insider states that the TikTok star shot the video in one take, as he did not want to walk back up the hill to reshoot it and, in Apodaca's own words, the vibe was "steady." Music was very influential in Apodaca's life, with his family playing "Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oates, Marvin Gaye, and Al Green" while he was growing up.

Apodaca's positive vibes caught the attention of some very influential people as well

The positive energy Apodaca radiates in his video caught the attention of some important people as well, as CNN reported that, in response to the video, Ocean Spray gifted Apodaca with a new truck full of their cranberry juice to get him to work in style. This gift is not totally out of left field, as the outlet states that the reason the video even came into existence in the first place is that the TikTok star's car had broken down on his way into work, with Apodaca sharing, "My car shuts off from time to time, and it shut off down the highway... I didn't want to wait to flag someone down to get a jump. So I grabbed my juice and grabbed my board." Ocean Spray posted a video of the gift exchange to their Instagram account, captioning the post "We loved the skateboard, but thought this set of wheels had a better sound system..."

Not only did Apodaca receive a new car, but the video was also seen by Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac himself! The musician made his very own TikTok profile specifically to post a video recreating the viral clip. In the comments, Apodaca wrote " dope an blessed stay Steady Vibin homie," to which Fleetwood responded with the suggestion that the two pair up and create a video once the coronavirus pandemic is over. With all the negativity in the world lately, we could seriously use that kind of positive energy in our lives.