How To Win A Year's Worth Of Free Diet Coke

We've got good news and bad news. The good news: the Coca-Cola company is giving away a whole year's worth of free Diet Coke and a special Diet Coke mini-fridge to three lucky winners. The bad news: you can't actually enter yourself in this sweepstakes. The giveaway is celebrating National Boss's Day, which occurred on October 16th (via Delish). So you can nominate your boss to receive this special prize, but not yourself, however deserving you may be.

"Diet Coke is celebrating National Boss's Day by saying cheers to the unsung heroes out there. the moms, teachers, or coworkers who hustle 24/7, 365," the Diet Coke National Boss's Day Sweepstakes entry page explains. "The ones who were extraordinary in a year that's been anything but ordinary." After all, as so many workplaces grow and change, reinventing themselves to meet the demands and challenges of operating during a pandemic, it's worth recognizing the bosses who have weathered the transition with grace and kindness. If your boss is a Diet Coke drinker, how better to show your appreciation for their hard work? 

The sweepstakes rules

The sweepstakes are easy to enter. Just fill in your boss's first and last name, their email address, and 500 characters or less about why you think your boss deserves the grand prize. Then you just need to fill in your own name, email address, and date of birth, and you're good to go. Entrants have until 11:59 pm ET on November 16th, a month after National Boss Day, to submit their forms, according to the Diet Coke National Boss's Day Sweepstakes Official Rules.

You can nominate up to four times before the deadline, but each nomination has to be unique. So basically, if you work under multiple people and want to nominate a few of them, go ahead — you don't have to choose. But for obvious reasons, you can't nominate any of them more than once. 

Don't sweat about composing the perfect description of your boss's Diet-Coke-worthiness. The judging organization "will select the names of the potential winning Nominees in a random drawing of all eligible entries received during the Promotion Period." So go ahead, enter your boss. If they're a really good boss, maybe they'll share a couple of their 365 cans of Diet Coke with you.