You Can Only Get This Ben & Jerry's Flavor At Target

Look who's back. Ben & Jerry's 2018 phenomenon, Minter Wonderland, is making a much anticipated return to Target's shelves. And it seemed to be lucky Instagrammer Familyfooddude who first found a pint on October 16, 2020. We're excited, of course, about Ben & Jerry's newest Chocolate Shake It Truffles flavor, but nothing says that the holidays are coming quite like a bite of this Ben & Jerry's classic. 

It's hard to convince yourself that the fall of 2018, when Minter Wonderland first found it's way into Target stock as an exclusive flavor, wasn't eons ago. The Boston Red Sox were about to win The World Series, New York City had just announced that there would be an "X" option for non-gender binary people on its birth certificates, and Meghan Markle, having recently joined the Royal family, was on tour as a Duchess and enjoying Australian wine (via MLB, Reuters, and Vanity Fair). Not that we didn't need the brand's Minter Wonderland in 2018, but oh boy, do we deserve it now. "Imagine a wild ride through the wintriest, chocolate mintiest wonderland of ice cream filled with crunchy cookie swirls and marshmallowy drifts," writes Ben & Jerry's. Escapism through ice cream? Yes, please.

What Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland tastes like

"Seriously, this flavor is going to overload your taste buds with delight," wrote Elite Daily in 2018 of the chocolate mint ice cream mixed with marshmallow and chocolate cookie swirls. If you've been to the UK, you may have picked up a Ben & Jerry's mint ice cream with chocolate chunks that goes by the same name. But don't be fooled, Target's version of Winter Wonderland is a couple of steps improved.

Partly, that's thanks to the marshmallows. Ben & Jerry's "infamous marshmallow swirl is rich and gooey and it's definitely not hard to come by in this pint," noticed Junk Banter, "it's a smooth and satisfying experience." Partly it's the chocolate, which you shouldn't be afraid to let melt. Per The Impulsive Buy "in its melted form, the cream is like a rich, delectable chocolate sauce." Winter Wonderland's cookie pieces help, too, which provide plenty of chewy, gooey texture.

So yes, Winter Wonderland is back on Target shelves, but don't expect it to last long. Social media is already licking its fingers. "This is my last name. I'm gonna have to pick this up!," exclaimed an excited Instagrammer after hearing the news. "Holy yummmmmm!!!," wrote another.