The Internet Is Obsessing Over Prince William's Visit To KFC

Prince William just "can't wait to be wing" tweeted KFC UK & Ireland, not one to give up an opportunity to mock. On October 20, 2020, the fast-food chain caught the King-to-be staring longingly into a KFC window at the restaurant's understandably stunned customers. KFC, in turn, wasted no time trolling the prince on social media. 

According to People, Prince William was accompanying his wife, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, at the time, although we didn't catch Kate Middleton salivating over fried chicken on the streets of London. No surprise there. Middleton, whispers Hello, is rumored to down kale smoothies for breakfast, and enjoy meat-free lunches, and the occasional sushi. It's Prince William who is famous for a no-spice diet, his penchant for pizza, chocolate cake, and popcorn, and sneaking out with his mother, Princess Diana, to frequent McDonald's (via Hello). 

In case you were under the mistaken impression that Prince William's brief pit-stop in front of a KFC window is not remarkable, allow us to enlighten you. News outlets all over the United States and the former British empire (including ET Canada, The Indian Express, and The New Zealand Herald) are raving over His Highness's visit.

Thanks to KFC, Twitter's given Prince William a new nickname

Is KFC's fried chicken just that irresistible? Or perhaps the Prince was trying to veer headlines away from the fact that Duchess Kate shocked the world by wearing a pantsuit ... again (via People). Whatever his motives, Prince William's momentary visit to KFC is likely to haunt him for a very, very long time. Thanks to KFC, Twitter has since dubbed the prince "His Royal Thighness," and the entirety of social media is ROFL. "Prince William does have strong lean legs," quipped one KFC Twitter follower. "He does love watching the peasants eat their fried chicken," chuckled another. "He's keeping a-breast of what the local citizens carry out & eat! Lol (See what I did there?)," gloated a third. "You know he'd eat it with a knife and fork though," observed a fourth.

Because it's the current fad to bring Megxit into all royal-related gossip, it may be worth pointing out that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are fast-food fans, too. The California-based couple hasn't been caught staring longingly at KFC yet. Per ET, like the late-and-great Anthony Bourdain, Harry and Meghan are partial to In-N-Out burgers.