The Truth About Duff Goldman And Buddy Valastro's Relationship

Renowned chefs Duff Goldman and Buddy Valastro are names to reckon within the food industry. Both are known for being high-profile pastry chefs. They're perhaps best known for competing against each other on Food Network's Buddy vs. Duff (via The Things)Their camaraderie on the show is, to say the least, highly competitive. 

In an interview with Delish, Valastro revealed that filming the finale episode was a tough process for both the chefs. They were at it for four days, slogging for 18 hours each day to finish the finale. In the same piece, Duff revealed that he found the first baking face-off to be extremely memorable because they were asked to bake the favorite desserts from their childhood. "That one [episode] I was really excited about because the strudel I made is very personal. It's this amazing strudel my great-grandmother would make," Duff said.

Buddy vs. Duff was also a chance to connect because guess what? The two famous chefs had never properly spent time with each other before they started working on the show and had only met for a few minutes once before. Here's what you should know about their relationship off-screen.

They get along well in real life

Goldman revealed that he and Valastro were little more than strangers to each other before the show: "We've never even hung out. We met a long time ago once for like five minutes. I held the door for him, he was carrying a sheeter, a large piece of equipment — that was it."  While the two famous chefs may be tough competitors, they do get along well when the cameras aren't rolling. Valastro told Delish that working together helped them develop a bond and they are now good friends. Who would've thought?

The two also have good things to say about each other as competitors. For example, Valastro thinks that Duff is solid when it comes to his attention to deal. For his part, Duff stated that he thinks Valastro is very skilled and beats him in terms of time management and speed. "My bakery makes five, maybe 10 cakes in a week. He makes 10,000 cakes in an hour," Duff said with a laugh.