This Is The Best Maruchan Ramen Flavor

If you're in need of a little pick me up and just want to lounge in front of the TV with a hot meal, a bowl of ramen noodles is one of the best solutions. To make things easier, instant ramen is at your beck and call and requires very little prep and cooking. But when you come across the sheer number off options that brands like Maruchan offer, it's hard to even decide which one to make.

According to Maruchan's official website, its ramen noodles are produced in four facilities in the U.S. and they make as many as 3.6 billion packets of Ramen Noodle Soup every year! Need some help visualizing that? A statement on the company's site reads, "If the noodles were all strung together they would reach all the way from earth to the planet Mars and back."

With this many noodles, it makes sense that there's a wide array of flavors, catering to the preferences of every kind of customer, from the relatively health-conscious to the ones who love chicken. However, which flavor would win in a contest? We have the answer.

Maruchan's best ramen flavor is Soy Sauce

Maruchan's best flavor is — drumroll, please — its Soy Sauce offering. Not sure when that one hit the market? You'll be delighted to know that it's actually an old fan-favorite that has simply been rebranded. Previously called the Oriental flavor, its name has been changed to better reflect the actual taste, but the traditional recipe remains unchanged. According to Maruchan's website, the Soy Sauce flavor has a bit of everything that you'd want from a classic bowl of ramen, namely, good old ramen noodles with a savory and hearty broth.

Users on Reddit have been intrigued by both the flavor and its name change. A ramen enthusiast wrote a post titled, "Soy sauce ramen (aka oriental ramen) is the best out of the instant Maruchan noodles" and explained that they're not a fan of the new name, but love the flavor. In an Odyssey piece, the flavor was praised for being what ramen should be like: full of soy sauce and a savory delight that takes over your senses. Plus, no extra soy sauce required!