Here's Why You Should Be Grabbing Your Snacks From TJ Maxx

Americans love to snack. In fact, the American snack market generates nearly double the amount of money as its next closest competitor, China, and the average revenue for snack food per person in 2020 (calculated from the sales of chips, cookies, crackers, pretzels, and other kinds of snack foods like Cheetos) amounted to $305.43 (via Statista) — so it's not surprising that we can find snacks almost everywhere in the US, including discount clothing and home goods stores like TJ Maxx.

True snack food connoisseurs are always on the lookout for something new and different, that snack that none of their friends have tried yet, one they can share on social media. That's where TJ Maxx comes in. The food at TJ Maxx, in general, is pretty exclusive. Many of the brands you find on the shelves are making items exclusively for the store. The company's buyers also specifically look for items that are unique, hard to find, or available only in limited quantities, adding to their allure (via SimpleMost)

What types of snacks to pick up at TJ Maxx

There are all types of cool food finds at TJ Maxx, ranging from coffee to fun spices and fancy oils to keto-friendly products, but if you're specifically looking for snack foods, be sure to peruse the checkout area as well as the food aisle (and don't even try to shop online; no food is available on the TJ Maxx website, making the food in TJ Maxx stores even more exclusive).

Look for unique, only-at-TJ Maxx flavors of kettle chips from Deep River Snacks, such as All Dressed Up, Honey BBQ, and Pink Himalayan Salt & Vinegar (via Facebook), as well as organic snacks that are either priced cheaper than or not found anywhere else. Spend some time and really dig through the shelves, the search is part of the fun! Oh yeah, if you come across a few of TJ Maxx's snack products in stores such as HomeGoods and Marshalls, it's only because all three stores are all owned by the same company, TJX Companies, Inc. (via the TJX company history). Enjoy your treasure hunt!