Coffee Lovers Won't Want To Miss This Wawa Deal

On Tuesday October 27th, Wawa released details about its upcoming "Free Coffee Tuesdays, Because It's Not Monday" Campaign via the GlobeNewswire. Essentially, every Tuesday from November 3rd through December 29th, Wawa will offer its Rewards Members one free self-serve coffee of any size, totaling nine days with nine free coffees. However, as Grubhub and Doordash (two of the services that deliver Wawa) price the regional chain's hot coffee at just $1, so we can only consider the savings to be a pleasant boost to morale, rather than something which people with froth at the mouth over. Still, however little it may save, free coffee is always a pleasant surprise.

To get the free Tuesday coffee, you first have to sign up for the Wawa Rewards Program by either registering on or downloading the Wawa Rewards App. Typically, the program earns you coupons for every $50 spent on eligible purchases — read not tobacco, alcohol, or a few other items. However, these coffee rewards are bonus rewards "just," as they say on the rewards website, "for being an awesome member." Free Coffee Tuesdays is a recall of a past favorite Wawa rewards, as shown by CStore Decision's coverage of Free Coffee Fridays in 2017. "Our members love the variety of our rewards," Dena Pizzutti, manager of relationship marketing, said at the time, "but coffee is definitely the favorite!" No wonder. Free coffee is always pretty brilliant.

The Wawa app has been hacked in the past

Wawa has always envisaged their rewards program and app as an entwined project. In fact, Wawa first introduced the two simultaneously in January of 2015. "Part of our commitment to fulfilling customers' lives every day includes connecting with customers at deeper levels," Chris Gheysens, Wawa's president and CEO, said to Convenience Store News, "and we are thrilled to provide new meaningful and time-saving technologies that will help us create the added convenience and connection points our customers desire." 

Of course, such apps always run the risk of a data breach. This happened, as The Philadelphia Inquirer reported, less than a year ago in December of 2019. While no nudes or social security numbers were scattered to the winds, some customers found their credit cards locked due to the flagging of fraudulent activity mere days before the holidays. More embarrassingly, it took Wawa almost nine months to notice that someone had launched a cyberattack against them. While nine dollars' worth of free coffee will not address this serious mishap, we can hope that Wawa has learned its lesson and is being a bit more vigilant with its cybersecurity.