This Simple Trick Will Make Your Fish And Chips Healthier

Fish and chips are a popular meal to dig into, especially if you're having a pint of beer with your meal. The dish has its origins in the U.K. and is so popular that it's estimated that fish and chip shops sell around 382 million servings every year (via Great British Mag). Fun fact: The Beatles' John Lennon loved having fish and chips with a lot of ketchup while pop icon Michael Jackson preferred to eat his meal with mushy peas.

As delicious as fish and chips can be, one of the major problems with eating them is the fact that they are not very healthy. As per Eat This Much, a 250-gram serving of fish and chips will cost you 660 calories with 34.7 grams of fat, 67.1 grams of carbohydrates, 1273 mg of sodium, and 19.7 grams of protein. While you don't have to completely stay away from the dish, cooking it at home and switching things up a bit can really help. 

Don't fry your fish and chips

Basically, instead of frying your fish and chips, all you need to do is bake them. As per Well Plated, it's possible to get a delicious version of fish and chips that doesn't even use beer in the batter. While dredging the fish, you need to use two dry ingredients – flour and panko breadcrumbs – coupled with egg whites. The double dredge ensures that the fish remains crispy and doesn't disappoint in terms of flavor. For the marinade, you can use low-fat buttermilk and Old Bay seasoning.

By making fish and chips this way, you'll be able to dig into your meal of fish and chips without feeling guilty about the number of calories you'd be taking in. This baked alternative clocks in at 291 calories with just five grams of fat. By the way, in case you end up making too much, you can pop your meal into the fridge, and it should last up to a day. Briefly reheat the fish and chips at 350 degrees, waiting a few minutes for your leftovers to get warm.