Cod Vs. Haddock: Which Is More Nutritious?

Fish can be tricky if you are new to eating it or cooking it. Some kinds of fish taste fishier than others and can be quite oily; however, some are mild and deliciously tender. Whether you are looking to incorporate more fish into your diet or you want to make a mouth-watering batch of fish and chips at home, it's important to pick the right fish. Cod and haddock are two popular options, though there are some similarities and differences to take note of. Both cod and haddock are white fish that only have oil in their livers, so they aren't oily fish (via Foodstruct). Both mild-tasting too. 

Cod tends to be a more popular pick, especially for fish and chips since it is so tender compared to the crunchy batter shell (via City Fish Market). Cod is also a little more cost-effective than haddock. Haddock is has a more substantial texture, more flavor, and light sweetness that goes with buttery sauces or batters beautifully. Haddock tends to be a fish that can stand up to more powerful flavors like curry sauce without being a fishy tasting fish.

Cod has better nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, however, there are a couple of key factors that make cod the better choice. Both cod and haddock have various levels of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Both fish are free of carbs, very high in protein, and do not contain any fiber. Haddock has the singular advantage of being lower in saturated fats than cod, but both fish contribute the same amount of daily fat intake when equal amounts of the fish are eaten.

Cod ultimately wins out with regard to nutritional value. Cod is lower in calories, which makes it great for people looking to trim their caloric intake. The milder, flakier fish is lower in both cholesterol and sodium. It's also lower on the glycemic index too. Finally, cod has more polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, making it a wonderfully healthy option. So, if you're choosing solely based on nutrition and not taste, cod is the best pick. Even if the haddock has a wonderful flavor and relatively most substantial texture, the nutritional value of cod is better.